Tenfold Harvest is a Green Leader

Pacific Coast Mag Tenfold Harvest Green Leader
Pacific Coast Magazine Green Leader Tenfold Harvest

Once we come to value our natural world and see how it is being threatened, how do we make meaningful lifestyle changes in a metropolitan sprawl?" asked Amanda Andersen in the spring issue of Pacific Coast Magazine

This is a question we are passionate about answering and it drives us to do what we do everyday. To see our passion placing us as a "Green Leader" is, well, a humbling honor. At the heart of Tenfold Harvest lies a great desire to see gardens abound in urban areas and those in need reap the benefits of both the practice and produce.   

The article addresses the need for a cultural shift on environmental and sustainable practices to be accepted and implemented on a necessity level and not merely as a trend.  With edible gardens we have seen the environmental benefits as well as the human advantages.  As Founder, Emy Terusa was quoted, "We've seen the power and impact of how therapeutic it is to get out and get your hands in the soil, to turn your phone off and breathe fresh air, and find a connection to the food you're eating."

Being green isn't just a label, but a lifestyle of placing a priority on practices and lifestyles that heal and sustain. We are glad to be among many wonderful organizations paving the way to ensure this is readily available and the standard for future generations.